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SkyTrack system offers a variety of solutions for all industries.  Those solutions are applied on client systems and used to solve their specific problems and give answers to their questions.  Advantages of SkyTrack are: easier and less time consuming management of the vehicle fleet, reduced costs and increased security, efficiency and safety.

Adjusting to the needs of the client is a key advantage of our system and development of solutions tailored for the needs of our clients has been a feature of SkyTrack from the beginning.  The support we offer applies to daily system operations as well as providing help with situation analysis and work related problems.  Since the system is tailor made for you, our priority is to help you use the full potential of the system and elevate your business to a new level.

Many applications of the system provide the user with a lot of information to help with making decisions, planning and giving aid with the control of the workforce:

* Tracking
* Control & evaluation of drivers
* Control over vehicles
* Business intelligence
* Delivery supervision
* Alarms
* Supervision of sales and transactions made on the vehicle

Advantages of working with SkyTrack system are lower costs, increased efficiency and a better business practice:

* Optimization of fleet size
* Lower fuel and repair costs

* Increased efficiency
* Greater security and safety of workers and vehicles
* Business intelligence
* Managing administration of vehicles, expenses and maintenance
* Environmental protection

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