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SkyTrack Commercial

SkyTrack Commercial and SkyTrack CMA (Commercial Mobile Assistant) are new applications made for planning and organizing work for mobile workers. Application includes a planer for visiting locations with optimization algorithms, distributing plan on to mobile workers smart phones or PDA,  analysis of plan execution and realization efficiency. read more

New generation of STM

SkyTrack Mobile devices Sparrow & Eagle represents 4th generation of SkyTrack Automotive Computers with integrated GSM & GPS modules. Devices are equipped with the new generation of...read more

Fire brigade, city of Opatija

The Opatija city Firemans use the SkyTrack™ system for vehicle navigation to the place of intervention.
It allow a fully vehicle and events control with the posibility of intervention reproduction.
The set includes application for statistics and analytics altough there is a posibility of Handheld remote control.


SkyTrack system was implemeted by companies Beohemija and Profil Megastore to manage their vehicle fleets. Beohemija is a manufacturer and seller of cleaning and hyegene products, while Profil Megastore is a distributor of school books, popular books, movies and music.
SkyTrack Mobile devices Sparrow & Eagle represents 4th generation of SkyTrack Automotive Computers with integrated GSM & GPS modules. Devices are equipped with the new generation of GPS modules improving positioning precision and making the devices more reliable. Read more...
SkyTrack has a new web site...

  SkyTrack system was implemented by company PIPO Čakovec part of Perutnina Ptuj for managing a fleet of delivery vehicles. Perutnina Ptuj is a manufacturer of poultry meat and products made from poultry meat.

SkyTrack system was implemented by Ledo d.d. company for managing a vehicle fleet of its child company Frigo-servis. Ledo is the biggest Croatian manufacturer of ice-cream and frozen foods, while Frigo-servis installs and maintains refrigerators and other cooling units for Ledo.

SkyTrack system was implemented into Coca Cola BIH for management of the vehicle fleet and driving optimization. Coca Cola is one of world’s largest soft drink manufacturers.

1Fruvita is a company engaged in processing fruit, production of fruit juice, nectar and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. SkyTrack system is implemented on trucks for distribution and lead complete logistics with tools for tracking fleets of vehicles.
2The SkyTrack system is implemented by the AGB Nielsen Media Research company for their vehicle fleet management.
The AGB Group and Nielsen Media Research International offer television ratings  and currently manages more TAM panel households than any other international television audience ratings provider.
4Implementation of the SkyTrack system in company IDEA Ltd. covers the complete logistics for distribution of food products and commercial goods. IDEA Company Ltd. belongs to the concern Agrokor d.d., and is the leading wholesale company in the area of Serbia.
abmThe ABM Ltd. company uses the SkyTrack system to supervises a fleet of vehicles for the distribution of agricultural equipment, and covers the logistics of retail and wholesale of pesticides, seed supplies and planting materials, animal feed, fertilizer and other materials.
tisakSkyTrack system is implemented in Tisak d.d. for tracking and monitoring vehicles of wide distribution at the national level. Tisak d.d. is the largest retail chain and leading Croatian distributor of printed materials, tobacco products, coupons, prepaid telecom operators and other commercial goods.
dijamantThe SkyTrack system is completely installed into the Dijamant company, which distribute their products all over the Europe. The SkyTrack system covers the company logistics in every segment, from planning to delivery. For more information about the Dijamant company, please visit the link "Our customers".