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SkyTrack system offers a variety of solutions made for all industries and adapted to specific needs of modern business. Implementation of SkyTrack system consists of solutions that match the client’s specific needs.

- overview of vehicle position and dives in real time and in the past, event review, objects, drivers and zones.

Navigation and communication
- communication between STM devices and peripheral devices and also SkyTrack central server. Integration with 3rd party navigation device and communication between system user and driver in the vehicle.

- optimized routes for visiting chosen locations or fixed spots chosen on the map.  Air distance method, road distance and Manhattan distance method. Shortest distance, quickest way or best road.

Delivery optimization
- optimized routes for visiting delivery places, automatic assignment of goods and delivery places to vehicles, also assigning auxiliary workers to each vehicle that needs them.

- defining critical events, forbidden zones and objects, alarm distribution via email, SMS and pop-ups in SkyTrack applications.

System for eco driving
- driving in optimal gear, increased drive security, lower cost per mile, lower service cost

Business intelligence
-short term and long term reports, specialized reports, event review per vehicle or object. Reports on driver tendencies that point to risk factors. Vehicle activity during the year, number of visits to objects.

3rd party integration
- integration with client’s business software, connecting SkyTrack Mobile devices with external devices or sensors. Connecting with fuel flow measuring devices and alarm in vehicle.

Telemetry and sensors
- door sensors, temperature sensors, overview of engine and cooling unit work hours. Connecting with CAN bus and gathering telemetry data from the engine.

Workforce management system
driver registration, reports on each driver, reports on driving risk factors, reports on work of sales representatives and maintenance workers.

- client applications, server applications, business intelligence, applications for HHT devices and other mobile devices.

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