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SkyTrack™ is a complex system which covers a large range of company business from a one or more vehicles to managing entire fleets of vehicles. In every part the system is modular and can conform to all customer needs. The SkyTrack system can be implemented with the existing devices onto the vehicles and is easly to integrate with existing IT solutions.

The main parts of the system are:

SkyTrack™ Mobile devices acquire all registered data from the vehicle and then send it to the system database. Besides acquiring vehicle position, velocity and direction, the device can acquire a range of other important informations such a driver identification, temperature, fuel consumeption and door status, etc.

SkyTrack™ Central stores and processes all data sent by Mobile devices to be displayed through the client applications for viewing. The SkyTrack Central can follow many thousands of vehicles and is possible to connect any numer of computers to it. The Central supports SkyTrack™ Data Communicators for direct link with the vehicle or Internet for GPRS data acquiring. More than one SkyTrack™ Central can be a part of one system.

SkyTrack™ aplication set gives full overview of the fleet state, interacts with the vehicles and with many accurate reports gives full business statistics and analytics. The system allows duly interventions and provides an easy way for decision making.

SkyTrack™ Remote allow fleet overview from Handheld computers on current position and state of a vehicle and a possibility of interaction with the fleet.

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